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a pinch of salt (c/o Studio Tamara Pesic)

a pinch of salt is a heart project by Tamara Pešić dedicated to ceramics and food. The journey started back in 2017 when she was exploring the sensual qualities of clay in a small ceramic workshop in Fukuoka, Japan. During that period she was visiting age–old, traditional pottery villages such as Onta, Imari and Karatsu in Kyūshū and fascinated by their pure qualities and aesthetics.

Working in multidisciplinary fields she is looking into interactions of people, material and space. Her main focus lies in the exploration of food as a sensual medium for rituals of sharing and togetherness. Her explorations reach from (food) cultures, storage, preparation and preservation methods to objects, tools and vessels we use for eating and drinking. She is also creating eating experiences for the senses.

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Tamara Pesic

Ludwigstraße 197, 63067 Offenbach

1-15 Klein


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